Did Hillary Duff and her partner insult Native Americans? Or did PC cops make Native Americans look petty? My Google News reader showed Duff and her partner dressed as a Pilgrim and what was described as a white man in red-face, but the picture showed a guy in somewhat stereotypical Indian chief costume and a painted on superhero mask.

Natives were called Redskins because many tribes painted the face in red ochre. Primitive European tribes painted their face with red ochre, too? There is a big difference between how black-face was used by musicians and comics in the early 1900’s and Duff’s costume idea. Black-face was often mockery, but I don’t see how a painted on superhero mask mocks anyone. The Pilgrims probably get the greater insult.

The PC people insult my Native American heritage more than Duff did. I couldn’t name one song or movie by Duff, so I’m obviously not a fan running to her defense.


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