Finding Your Novel’s Problems

Every writer makes mistakes, but you should realize the type of errors that you tend to make. My prose often stumbles. I rewrite my novel several times. Sometimes I forget to complete the picture because I know what a scene looks like in my head, but a reader needs the image written into text.

I jump from one tendency to another, in my phrasing. I noticed my overuse of the word ‘have’ without using ProWritingAid, but it showed me a few more overuses (“knew”, “about”, and “believe”). My glue index is slightly high, but that will probably go down when I fix my overused words and phrases. Computers help you find the sentences you need to rephrase, just don’t so a universal replace.

My novel is dialog heavy and I’m not sure if that’s good or bad thing, but I doubt this ratio will change much. Whittling down the glue word takes time and doesn’t feel rewarding and I no sure if dialog naturally has more of the common words.

I started editing and left a couple of scenes unwritten because I need to know what I haven’t covered. The general plot is easy to keep up with, but subplots are harder.


Attack on Native Amerrica

Obama’s administration has attacked Native Americans who worry that their water may be endangered by a pipeline. Native American affairs and the pipeline fall under Federal jurisdiction. But Obama will praise NBA  player Victor Odilapo who encouraged the recent police shootings by supporting  disrespect to the American flag while doing nothing to stop African Dictators and tribes into the child slavery. All hail the African a slave lords who attack me for being a true Native American. Can Trump, really be worse?

The Idyllic Nymph of Winter Garden

Albin Polasek-horz

One of my fictional cult members will probably need to work at the Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens (aka The Polasek). I want an ecology-themed scene and Polasek’s sculpture, The Idyll, gave me an idea.

Angelia (Angelos), the daughter of Zeus and Hera will probably play a role in the scene. The Cabeiri played a role, in her sole surviving myth; which makes her an excellent choice for my novel.

The 3 images come from Wikimedia. The first shows Albin Polasek; the second shows the entrance to the sculpture gardens; and the Polasek’s sculpture The Forrest Idyll, in Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina.

Storyboarding After The First Draft

I’m making a storyboard as I edit because it helps me focus. A storyboard describes what happens in each scene and lays the scenes out in sequence. It captures the this and that’s of what happens.

When I wrote my first novel, I was still learning how to write and I had to do many revisions. This aggravating process led forced me to reread chapters over and over again. Rereading starts to suck, after a while. Storyboarding, after the first draft, breaks up the rut.

Adding Stories Within the Story

My main character makes movies, so I can easily place stories into stories. I’m certain I will need to add a few to get my word count up. The one I’ve already written creates a mini-subplot. If I can make such stories relevant to the main storyline, I can keep them being just fluff.

I only have one major scene left and my word count is about 50; which, needs at needs 10k more to make it what I call a minimum sized novel. YA novels can and often are shorter, but my novel would fit the fringe of that genre. My novel is about teens fighting for independence, but I don’t consider it a YA novel.

Fight Club, by Chuck Palahniuk has 49,962 words and I have and my style favors Palahniuk, so maybe I have already reached a relevant word count. I’ll try not to force anything for word count purpose alone and judge my additions from this point as substantive or not.

Fight Club couldn’t even be declared a winner at NaNoWriMo. I found word counts for debut novels at

Seeing the woe count of fight club makes me feel better, now I can consider myself almost finished. If expansion doesn’t seem worthwhile, I’ll accept the small size of 55k.

Too Short A Novel

Size mattered when most books were sold on public display shelves. The literary word hasn’t completely transitioned to the Amazon and eBook world. It shouldn’t matter as much, now, but agents would still hesitate to take less than 60,000 or over 150,000 words in a novel written by unestablished authors. World  building authors need to have longer novels, general fiction in the contemporary probably shouldn’t pass 100,000.

When I hit the 40k mark, I looked at how much story I had left. At first glance, I thought I may reach 75k, but after looking harder I’m worried that I won’t reach the 60K. I should be close, but I’ll need to look for areas to expand.

I’m close to the 50k mark, but I don’t have much storyline to go. I’ll add when I edit because I’ve left out some journal entries and some descriptions.

Girls Who Run With Scissors


The old Hollywood, ‘Sewing Circle’ is a complicated thing. Yes, there was a lot of scissoring going on, but to describe the group as simply lesbian and Bi, probably does not capture the full essence.

Some will say that ‘you can’t be a true actress until you kissed a girl.’ It’s an acting technique, whereby, actresses explored the masculine role. Actresses would basically submit to a lesbian Dom, who would show them how a girl can be the guy. Such actresses would then take the dominant role in a lesbian liaison.

You have some women who just like being naughty, some who just explore, and some who just prefer to sew. The alleged Sewing Circle would sometimes meet at the Dolores del Río, a lover of men. Just because Del Rio and Marlene Dietrich were friends, it doesn’t mean they had an affair. Dietrich was without a doubt sexually charged and would have relations with both men and women, it doesn’t mean every woman associated with her was bisexual or a lesbian.

Mercedes de Acosta wrote a book and outed the lesbian affairs of many actresses and many denied the accusations. Garbo obviously denied having lesbian lovers, because she was a private person. Some would deny because they only experimented for professional reasons (to become better actresses).

The only active bisexual at the Delores Del Rio house may have been Dietrich, but many may have experimented in improving their acting technique. Look up the actresses in ‘Marlene’s Sewing Circle’ and you’ll see that they don’t typify as lesbians.

The cult factions in my novel compare well to a “Sewing Circle.’ Yes, my cult has lesbians but not all are and some generally prefer guys; which, appears to equate to the original ‘sewing circles’ of Hollywood. Gay-friendly, but not necessarily very gay.

Return o Babylon is a movie that reveals the early decadence movement in Hollywood. The Girls: Sappho Goes To Hollywood is a book written by Diana McLellan about the same era.

F-ing For Nature In Nature


Eco-sex is a relatively new movement and involves getting dirty. It’s sex for ecology awareness. I’m no expert, but that’s how I sum it up and I see similarities to PETA. This goes well with my Tits For Cash Or Cause post.

Annie Sprinkle is the most famous face, in this movement, due to her porn career and I’m not sure I could find any other real-life individual who could better typify the essence of my fictional cult (unless it’s Bridget the Midget). When I go back and edit, I may add some Ecosexuality into my present novel. My other novel already addresses nature, but this one lacks that element.

Eco-Sex: Go Green Between the Sheets and Make Your Love Life Sustainable

Climaxing A Novel Too Soon

I’m a little worried that I’ve written my most climatic scene, at the 42,500 word mark When I edit, I’ll add descriptions and log entries that would push my present word count to about 45k, but that’s a little early. Other climatic moments will take place, but I’m not sure if any will match this last scene.

Theoretically, my biggest moment shouldn’t have happened before the 50k mark. I still need to murder two more people, but they don’t seem as climatic to me. One murder was detailed in my last book, so the luster may have worn off for me; it may be more climatic to other people. It will occur near the end.

The other death is mentioned in my other book, but I didn’t provide any details. Yes, it can be climatic and I’m hoping an idea will pop into my head that make it a powerful moment. Nothing has popped, yet.

A spurious rage of passion seems the best fit, but that will mean there will be a lack of build up. Gruesome may be the way I’ll have to go. This scene will sure happen at the optimal place, I just need t deliver the oomph.

When You Start Acting Like A Faction

I hate both political parties, so I didn’t care which American party won the election. I see a blip of a bright side in Trump’s win. Personally, I rather be more diplomatic to Putin and Russia because religious extremists are harder to deal with and I mean no disrespect to moderate Muslims..Teaming up with Russia against the extremists makes much more sense than the Cold War strategy of taking opposite sides. We now fight Afghanis that we supported in a fight against Russia.

I can’t say much else about the bright side of Trump. His motto of “Making America Great Again” was obviously better to Americans who see a downfallen America and it is hard to imagine him making the medical system worse than it already is.

I’ve posted about how people are dividing into factions based on gender, ethnicity, and sexual preference. When I told Blacks that Obama was bad for them, I didn’t say it for disingenuous or harmful intent. His political campaign made Blacks look like a faction rather than individuals voting on issues and political stance. Trump probably had more Whites acting as a faction. Affirmative Action will probably disappear because Blacks decided to make Obama rich and powerful rather than moving up a rung themselves.

I prefer people to act like rational individuals and not blockheaded members of a faction. It is understandable that Blacks want what’s best for them, but low wage working class Whites see Blacks given privileges through Affirmative Action. Poor is poor and it doesn’t matter the skin color.

If Trump and Putin go for a win-win strategy—the war in Afghanistan and many others will end. Islamic extremists will go into hiding and we might have the closest thing to peace on earth if Putin can tamper his appetite for power. China is another player—not sure if they’ll join or fight such an alliance. They hate Islamic extremists, too. So I’m guessing– join.

This is a truly great quote by Salena Zito that explains why Trump won and give that girl a raise because she’s one of the few in the news media that had a clue:

As the conservative political columnist Salena Zito wrote of Trump in September, “the press takes him literally, but not seriously; his supporters take him seriously, but not literally.”

I never endorsed or criticized Trump because his bluster does make it difficult to judge about his intent. He’s a roll of the dice. Obama was supposed to improve race relations, but his own racism screwed that up. It was more than the incident with the Harvard Professor and the cop, but that was blatant. Will Trump and Putin curtail extremism? It’s plausible, but they may screw up just like Obama.

Factions are a theme in my novel, so a post like this shows what I think about.