I’ve never seen Jesus’ sect identified, so I decided to deduce it. Apparently, there were three major sects in that time period and he didn’t get along the Pharisees and the Sadducees, so that leaves the Essenes. If you read about the sect, you will see their beliefs match Jesus, fairly well. I’m no expert, but the recent news about the tomb brought the thought to mind.

John the Baptist has connections to the Gnostic sect known as the Mandeans; which leaves me to believe that Jesus fits in as a Gnostic; which, would imply the sect practiced Jewish mysticism. There is some evidence that the Essenes have a link to the Kabbalah, so that may be another fit.

The presence of the three Magi (the wise men), in the story of Jesus’ birth, also hints at mysticism and a respect for Zoroastrians.

For my novel, I’m working on the background history of my fictional cult; which will probably have a link to a Gnostic cult. I’ll identify it in my next post.


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