Noah’s wife was an important figure to one Gnostic sect, the Borborites. In many ways, Noah’s wife replaced Eve as–First Lady. I use the term, First Vagina, because of the pagan deity Baubo (image on the left) and Barbēlō, the supreme female deity in some Gnostic cosmologies (you could imagine her as a female Archangel).

Baubo had a filthy mouth and she played a role in the great Eleusinian Mysteries of ancient Greece. I mention the filthy mouth because the Borborites were deemed ‘the filthy ones’. Both Baubo and the Borborites have links to the sow (piglets were sacrificed to Demeter and Persephone).

Before anyone gets ‘holier than thou’ about the Borborites—you may want to think about how often Jesus ministered to ‘the filthy ones’. Jesus cleanses a leper. Jesus and the adulterous woman is another association to ‘the filthy ones’. Is anyone filthier than a tax collector? See Zacchaeus. The dwarfish depiction of Zacchaeus happens to place him in the freak category; which, falls nicely into the net of my novel.

My fictional cult is made up primarily by women, but in many ways, it is a carny cult. A carny kind of fits in as ‘filthy ones’, as well. Carnivals often headlined freaks and ‘girlie shows.’ My cult will probably branch out from Baubo and the Borborites. Gnostic Christians could easily have hidden among the more traditional Christians, throughout the ages, and Gnostics make a nice link to the pagan world.

There may be no real link between the Borborites and Baubo, but it is possible. Every culture has fertility deities, even the bible preaches fertility, so don’t be too harsh about the vagina stuff.


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