I hate both political parties, so I didn’t care which American party won the election. I see a blip of a bright side in Trump’s win. Personally, I rather be more diplomatic to Putin and Russia because religious extremists are harder to deal with and I mean no disrespect to moderate Muslims..Teaming up with Russia against the extremists makes much more sense than the Cold War strategy of taking opposite sides. We now fight Afghanis that we supported in a fight against Russia.

I can’t say much else about the bright side of Trump. His motto of “Making America Great Again” was obviously better to Americans who see a downfallen America and it is hard to imagine him making the medical system worse than it already is.

I’ve posted about how people are dividing into factions based on gender, ethnicity, and sexual preference. When I told Blacks that Obama was bad for them, I didn’t say it for disingenuous or harmful intent. His political campaign made Blacks look like a faction rather than individuals voting on issues and political stance. Trump probably had more Whites acting as a faction. Affirmative Action will probably disappear because Blacks decided to make Obama rich and powerful rather than moving up a rung themselves.

I prefer people to act like rational individuals and not blockheaded members of a faction. It is understandable that Blacks want what’s best for them, but low wage working class Whites see Blacks given privileges through Affirmative Action. Poor is poor and it doesn’t matter the skin color.

If Trump and Putin go for a win-win strategy—the war in Afghanistan and many others will end. Islamic extremists will go into hiding and we might have the closest thing to peace on earth if Putin can tamper his appetite for power. China is another player—not sure if they’ll join or fight such an alliance. They hate Islamic extremists, too. So I’m guessing– join.

This is a truly great quote by Salena Zito that explains why Trump won and give that girl a raise because she’s one of the few in the news media that had a clue:

As the conservative political columnist Salena Zito wrote of Trump in September, “the press takes him literally, but not seriously; his supporters take him seriously, but not literally.”

I never endorsed or criticized Trump because his bluster does make it difficult to judge about his intent. He’s a roll of the dice. Obama was supposed to improve race relations, but his own racism screwed that up. It was more than the incident with the Harvard Professor and the cop, but that was blatant. Will Trump and Putin curtail extremism? It’s plausible, but they may screw up just like Obama.

Factions are a theme in my novel, so a post like this shows what I think about.


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