I’m a little worried that I’ve written my most climatic scene, at the 42,500 word mark When I edit, I’ll add descriptions and log entries that would push my present word count to about 45k, but that’s a little early. Other climatic moments will take place, but I’m not sure if any will match this last scene.

Theoretically, my biggest moment shouldn’t have happened before the 50k mark. I still need to murder two more people, but they don’t seem as climatic to me. One murder was detailed in my last book, so the luster may have worn off for me; it may be more climatic to other people. It will occur near the end.

The other death is mentioned in my other book, but I didn’t provide any details. Yes, it can be climatic and I’m hoping an idea will pop into my head that make it a powerful moment. Nothing has popped, yet.

A spurious rage of passion seems the best fit, but that will mean there will be a lack of build up. Gruesome may be the way I’ll have to go. This scene will sure happen at the optimal place, I just need t deliver the oomph.


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