The old Hollywood, ‘Sewing Circle’ is a complicated thing. Yes, there was a lot of scissoring going on, but to describe the group as simply lesbian and Bi, probably does not capture the full essence.

Some will say that ‘you can’t be a true actress until you kissed a girl.’ It’s an acting technique, whereby, actresses explored the masculine role. Actresses would basically submit to a lesbian Dom, who would show them how a girl can be the guy. Such actresses would then take the dominant role in a lesbian liaison.

You have some women who just like being naughty, some who just explore, and some who just prefer to sew. The alleged Sewing Circle would sometimes meet at the Dolores del Río, a lover of men. Just because Del Rio and Marlene Dietrich were friends, it doesn’t mean they had an affair. Dietrich was without a doubt sexually charged and would have relations with both men and women, it doesn’t mean every woman associated with her was bisexual or a lesbian.

Mercedes de Acosta wrote a book and outed the lesbian affairs of many actresses and many denied the accusations. Garbo obviously denied having lesbian lovers, because she was a private person. Some would deny because they only experimented for professional reasons (to become better actresses).

The only active bisexual at the Delores Del Rio house may have been Dietrich, but many may have experimented in improving their acting technique. Look up the actresses in ‘Marlene’s Sewing Circle’ and you’ll see that they don’t typify as lesbians.

The cult factions in my novel compare well to a “Sewing Circle.’ Yes, my cult has lesbians but not all are and some generally prefer guys; which, appears to equate to the original ‘sewing circles’ of Hollywood. Gay-friendly, but not necessarily very gay.

Return o Babylon is a movie that reveals the early decadence movement in Hollywood. The Girls: Sappho Goes To Hollywood is a book written by Diana McLellan about the same era.


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