Size mattered when most books were sold on public display shelves. The literary word hasn’t completely transitioned to the Amazon and eBook world. It shouldn’t matter as much, now, but agents would still hesitate to take less than 60,000 or over 150,000 words in a novel written by unestablished authors. World  building authors need to have longer novels, general fiction in the contemporary probably shouldn’t pass 100,000.

When I hit the 40k mark, I looked at how much story I had left. At first glance, I thought I may reach 75k, but after looking harder I’m worried that I won’t reach the 60K. I should be close, but I’ll need to look for areas to expand.

I’m close to the 50k mark, but I don’t have much storyline to go. I’ll add when I edit because I’ve left out some journal entries and some descriptions.


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