My main character makes movies, so I can easily place stories into stories. I’m certain I will need to add a few to get my word count up. The one I’ve already written creates a mini-subplot. If I can make such stories relevant to the main storyline, I can keep them being just fluff.

I only have one major scene left and my word count is about 50; which, needs at needs 10k more to make it what I call a minimum sized novel. YA novels can and often are shorter, but my novel would fit the fringe of that genre. My novel is about teens fighting for independence, but I don’t consider it a YA novel.

Fight Club, by Chuck Palahniuk has 49,962 words and I have and my style favors Palahniuk, so maybe I have already reached a relevant word count. I’ll try not to force anything for word count purpose alone and judge my additions from this point as substantive or not.

Fight Club couldn’t even be declared a winner at NaNoWriMo. I found word counts for debut novels at

Seeing the woe count of fight club makes me feel better, now I can consider myself almost finished. If expansion doesn’t seem worthwhile, I’ll accept the small size of 55k.


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