Every writer makes mistakes, but you should realize the type of errors that you tend to make. My prose often stumbles. I rewrite my novel several times. Sometimes I forget to complete the picture because I know what a scene looks like in my head, but a reader needs the image written into text.

I jump from one tendency to another, in my phrasing. I noticed my overuse of the word ‘have’ without using ProWritingAid, but it showed me a few more overuses (“knew”, “about”, and “believe”). My glue index is slightly high, but that will probably go down when I fix my overused words and phrases. Computers help you find the sentences you need to rephrase, just don’t so a universal replace.

My novel is dialog heavy and I’m not sure if that’s good or bad thing, but I doubt this ratio will change much. Whittling down the glue word takes time and doesn’t feel rewarding and I no sure if dialog naturally has more of the common words.

I started editing and left a couple of scenes unwritten because I need to know what I haven’t covered. The general plot is easy to keep up with, but subplots are harder.


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