Ariana Grande Declares She Has No Artistic Flair

Poetry, art, and musical lyrics depend on sexual objectification to thrive. Grande and other Divas use BDSM in their videos and their acts–BDSM specializes in turning people into objects. To use the archaic feminist terminology of sexual objectification, Grande makes it clear, she’s all façade, a bot engineered by music industry. She could never pass the Turing test. Only admitting the wrongs of denying her status as a sex object–can prove she has a soul.


Sexy Implies Sex

The fan who infuriated  Ariana Grande crudely interfered she was sexy, Yes, it was crude but anyone with half a brain can see it inferred sexy. Grande pulled out a second wave anti-sex feminist mantra (sexual objectification), in response and added a third wave pro-sex  (slut shaming) term to defended her hypocritical response; which, increased her hypocrisy and her irrationality. If call yourself a Feminist, you should know the basic principles.

Slut Shaming or Hypocrisy Shaming

I’ve already given satire to Ariana Grande’s stance on sexual objectification, but I noticed another of her statements. Here’s my lesson on the birds, the bees, and Les Ruches:

Birds are sometimes cocks and birds need cocks to make baby birds. Sexual luring often plays a role in the mating ritual involving the cock.

Flowers need a bee sting to pollinate because they deviate from the rules of the animal kingdom. Lesbians do the same thing and Sapphic rules also require a sex object. If a lesbian doesn’t see women as sex objects then that lesbian isn’t a lesbian. Obviously, Ariana Grande hates or disbelieves in Lesbian love.

Les Ruches refers to a school in France, known for lesbian schoolgirl escapades. See Natalie Clifford Barney or Olivia: A Novel by Dorothy Strachey.

I do not slut shame, I just laugh at the insanity and the hypocrisy. Les Ruches and sexual objectification play a role in my novel, so these posts are very much on topic. If Ariana Grande plays the sexual objectification game; which she obviously does, she needs to accept the rules.

Ariana Grande To Enter Nunnery

There ins no question that Ariana Grande plays the sexual objectification game, but today’s news shows her g-string outmatches her brain. A fan probably did go too far, but Grande irrationally pulled out the objectification card. The Diva needs to look in the mirror and try to muster up a few active brain cells.

I love super-lesbo–Camille Paglia because she gets it. Paglia should teach Grande a lesson on the birds, bees, and Les Ruches.

Mass Murderer or Writer

Mass murderers want to make a statement and any writer with any depth wants to do the same. I’ve contemplated becoming a mass murderer, but so far I’ve settled for the more difficult path of becoming a writer. The US Navy trained me as a nuke, but trust me I don’t need to dabble with the witchery of radiation to do serious damage. Killing people is easy, not killing people is much harder. Getting away with it isn’t easy either, but someone who has reached that point, probably no longer care.

I didn’t want to become a writer because I’m too reclusive to strive for fame. The crazy fans who drowned out the Beatles should discourage any sane non-narcissistic person from striving for fame, and at one time I was both sane and non-narcissistic. My sanity walks the tightrope, these days. It’s hard to score my narcissism levels because I’m certain I know what I don’t know, but can be stubborn about what I’m reasonably certain about.

I’m in a deep depression stage, at present, so my energy level prevents me from doing too much damage to the keyboard or Holiday zombies. White elitists like the Drexel professor wishing for White genocide and the VA Administration should stop driving me crazy and support my unwanted writing career because it’s the only thing holding the pieces of me together. There’s only a couple of my doctors that shouldn’t be harassed by reporters If I ever reach my breaking point. Doctors are bad—very, very bad.

The title of my blog was inspired by Fyodor Dostoevsky’s, Notes from Underground. I’m not sure that it’s good that this insane narrator seems like such a kindred spirit, but I’m not sure whether I have a choice.Writing this post may mean the depression is lifting, but I sure don’t have the energy to edit. Posts written while in fits of rage or depression will often suffer errors in wisdom, clarity or grammatical care. I even type the title wrong the first time by putting ‘of’ instead of ‘or’.

The Depression in Finishing a Novel

I wrote another novel, now I ‘m depressed because it’s time to sell it. You won’t find a more miserable salesman than me; the whole profession is everything I’m not. Other than footnotes, I have nothing else remotely creative to do. Teddium still reigns, as I work on my footnotes, but I have occational bouts of creativity.

White-Out The Mixed Ethnicity Man

More native than a Seminole, same ethnic mix as many so-called Hispanics, now discriminated against for being generally White, by Amy Boggs of the Donald Maas Literary agency. For some reason, some people can’t fair to all races and genders.

Yeah, I’m still mad and no, I was not rejected by Amy Boggs. I just read the attacks on White men, in general on her Twitter account, about a year ago, and rejected her.

All clients and employees of Donald Maas Literary agency.come to Florida, at heir own risk. Thank the Veteran’s Administration for this peril because my problems with them have deteriorated my mental health. You guys better make a bold statement of apology because I’m truly mad. This is my native land and I’ve already declared war.

Browsing literary agents, stirred my ire, again. I send less than a dozen queries, but I’m somewhat indifferent about using an agent. Many agents may not care for this reaction to Amy Boggs, but I believe people should try and treat everyone fairly; her comments put her in the White Elitist.category of human scum. The agency didn’t respond to my email, so I take my rage out here. Researching agents is irritating and many espouse Feminist agenda rather than  Humanist reasoning.

Factions of a dWARf


Why did I choose to entitle my upcoming novel, Factions of a dWARf? Because it involves within the cult and within the dwarf and the odd capitulation features the word WAR. I use Baubo on the front cover because my cult worships her as Goddess Supreme and my dwarf exudes Baubo.

I thought it best to hold off marketing my other novel,until I put out this novel because this book offers back-story  to the other novel. This novel offers a better sales pitch.

A dwarf haunted, by genetic ghosts, rises to power in a fertility cult builds a business empire.

Footnoting Fiction

Footnotes can enhance a novel, they can also visually detract. I’m considering adding humorous footnotes to my novel. They would show I’m well researched. Placing a footnote in Microsoft Word isn’t hard, but I’m not sure haw well superscript transfers from one document type to another.

EBooks have tremendous capability, but I’m sure if footnote standard exists. I’ll send out a handful of query letters, but will skip the superscript numbers within the text and offer sample footnotes, at the end. My word count which sits at 57k doesn’t include footnotes  By early estimate, the footnotes would bump the word count to 62k.