More native than a Seminole, same ethnic mix as many so-called Hispanics, now discriminated against for being generally White, by Amy Boggs of the Donald Maas Literary agency. For some reason, some people can’t fair to all races and genders.

Yeah, I’m still mad and no, I was not rejected by Amy Boggs. I just read the attacks on White men, in general on her Twitter account, about a year ago, and rejected her.

All clients and employees of Donald Maas Literary agency.come to Florida, at heir own risk. Thank the Veteran’s Administration for this peril because my problems with them have deteriorated my mental health. You guys better make a bold statement of apology because I’m truly mad. This is my native land and I’ve already declared war.

Browsing literary agents, stirred my ire, again. I send less than a dozen queries, but I’m somewhat indifferent about using an agent. Many agents may not care for this reaction to Amy Boggs, but I believe people should try and treat everyone fairly; her comments put her in the White Elitist.category of human scum. The agency didn’t respond to my email, so I take my rage out here. Researching agents is irritating and many espouse Feminist agenda rather than  Humanist reasoning.


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