Google Docs to ePub – somewhat works

Works great to sample a novel. The image I tried to use as a scene break didn’t work, as I hoped because it appears to lack a transparency feature. Images worked properly on Reedsy. Hyperlinks work within the Google Docs and that’s important. My main reason for preferring an agent is to better handle the footnotes and hyperlinks. Sigil can adjust the document made by Google Docs, but I received warnings about the document. It may take a while to figure out why I got the warnings. I take that back, it took a minute, I hit prettify the code and the warnings disappeared.

I originally called my blog an allusion tracker because I wanted a bank to store my allusions, but I’ve turned it into a writing diary to record what’s going through my head while I write. It will probably go back to being an allusion tracker, but it would be nice to get advice on how to handle this extra set of notes. Should I hyperlink to Wikipedia when if is available there or hyperlink to my blog? Footnotes can also be embedded in the book file, but for reality based info people may prefer Wikipedia or another site.

The second novel in this series is the Finnegan’s Wake of Florida. I’m curious as to whether I broke James Joyce’s record for number of allusions. Pat of the reason I moved away from the allusion tracker idea is that my allusions could tie a head into a knot. This novel that I want to release first is much easier. People recommend you read V before you read other works by Thomas Pynchon and the first of novel in my series should prepare people to handle the second. Answers about the allusions make the hyperlink feature important.


A Muslim Shot Up A Gay Nightclub And A LGBT Hero Wants Action

LBGT hero Chelsea Manning attacked Obama for his lack of action about the Pulse Nightclub shooting. Not all Muslims hate gays, but there is a reason why the LGBT Feminist group Femen often show hate toward Catholics and Muslim patriarchy. Tell this Dumb Retard that is me – what do you White Elitist Liberals want other than to torture this poor White Injun’s head? A far as I can see Trump did what the LBGT and Femen wanted by placing sanctions on Muslims entering the country because Muslims generally favor patriarchy and disfavor alternative lifestyles. Muslims protest the topless protests of Femen, and there is considerable evidence the Femen hates Muslims, but their Twitter feed is slamming Trump over the Muslim band. They’ve got a lot of mix messaging going on. They hate Putin and the possible friendliness between Putin and Trump may be putting their heads in a spin.

The Liberal Sellout of Native American Land by Liberals

*This is a post written while raging [[ something doctors caused me to do. The agent no longer works for the agency, so I no longer have issues the said agency.

Rich White elitists will pay Boko Harum rapists to settle on Native American land and a White Injun like me gets insulted and sh-t on. It didn’t matter how hard I worked the liberals would shuffle off the jobs to another country or give tokenship to people who chose to come here. Only someone related to me is as native to Florida as me and my country has sh-t on my patriotic White Injun ass.

Obama’s mother was a lousy White elitist, even Obama recognized the symptoms, and his father got American taxpayer money to go to Harvard when most taxpayers can’t afford Harvard. Obama’s father came from Africa voluntarily, he doesn’t have slave roots and only Black’s with slave ancestry should get token anything. I supplied security for the Joint Chief of Staff and I got crappy health care then and my present  VA care is criminal. I don’t play favorites’ so Trump’s pick to head the VA doesn’t impress me. I’ll duel any military officer who isn’t freaking on those crooked ass doctors asses.

Speaking of asses any author affiliated with Donald Maass Literary Agency better watch their asses or bending over to a couple of badass boyfriend bodyguards because this White-ass Injun is mad because your White elitist agent, Amy Bogs, is an offensive loudmouth. Shaun of the Dead of West Pam Beach if you’re still on Injun land—get off. It has nothing to do with you being gay, it’s because your agent hasn’t put out a heartfelt apology for her Elitist ass-ism. Associate with a White Elitists and you get treated like a White Elitist. You may want to find the type of boyfriends I suggested. My tribe never signed a treat, so even Obama’s Secret Service better think twice before they touch me. I’m not scared of anyone but myself, so one more slip by the VA might send me after those of White elitist mentalities, such as Obama and Donald Maass. You should be scared You would need to Minority Report me to stop this Nuke brained Dumb Retard because I’m a badass White-ass Redneck Redskin. Obama should think twice because Al-Queda is made up of a bunch of idiots- I’m scarier.

The White Privilege of Literary Agencies

Most literary agencies show a bunch of white faces on their agent list. Amy Boggs of the Donald Maas Literary Agency complains about White privilege, but she’s a White woman in an agency filled with white faces. How hypocritical can you be?

I can handle rejection by a literary agency, but researching these guys has become annoying.  I see a bunch of White elitist hypocritical liberals screaming about Trump and not about what authors care about– books. I hate both political parties, but the Liberals made it so I didn’t care who won, even though I normally vote for the most environmental friendly candidate. I have

I have Latin and Native American origins, but I’ve never checked those boxes for a job and I obviously don’t have any White privilege. Death to the bigots of the  Donald Maas Literary Agency because they didn’t respond to my email about Boggs’ offensive remarks. Any novelist attached to them needs to hope they don’t run into to me because they should be attached such a bunch of White Elitist bigots. Feel fee to blackball me. I would prefer to work with someone who wants to make my novels the best they can be, but I do not work with bigots. No, I was not rejected by that agency.

Take away Boggs White privilege; fire her and hire a Black woman.

Query with your back page blurb

Whether you self-publish or search for an agent you still need the blurb, I‘m slowly getting better tips about sending a query to a literary agent and the best tip is to consider your back page blurb as your central pitch. This is a long version of the blurb, on top and the shorter one is on the bottom:

Ghosts possess a dwarf after she samples a genetic memory drug; Alice belongs to the Cabeiri, a fertility cult of ancient origin; they brew the drug. The ghosts, weave into Alice’s personality and she’ll become the Al Capone of the sex industry. Al directs movies to market the vibes she designs. Talent agencies act as recruiting ground for the cult. Battles for power, within the cult, favor Capone’s mob war.

The first ghost is ill-fit for a dwarf but the Emperor/gladiator Commodus will give Alice a taste for blood. Other ghosts will come. The Sackvilles drive her lust while Pope Benedict IX steers her into perversity. Tycho Brahe comes in for laughs. Queen Catherine and Margo Medici, offer Machiavellian wit and a Mother-Daughter split. Efa Nia, a daughter of a dwarf conquistador who truly came with Pedro Menendez, tries to make peace. The Cabeiri is a carny cult; a girlie and freak show cult. Gibsonton became their home when Ringling wintered in Florida. The Fountain of Youth is instead, The Fountain of Long Memories.

Shorter revision:

Ghosts possess a dwarf after she samples the Cabeiri cult’s genetic memory drug. The ghosts, weave into Alice’s personality and she’ll become the Al Capone of the sex industry. Al directs movies to market the vibes she designs. Talent agencies act as recruiting ground for the cult. Battles for power, within the cult, favor Capone’s mob war. The first ghost is ill-fit for a dwarf but the Emperor/gladiator Commodus will give Alice a taste for blood. Other ghosts come to threaten her sanity. Alice hopes one ghost, Efa Nia, a daughter of a dwarf conquistador who truly came with Pedro Menendez will come to her aid.. All praise Baubo and– the dWARf.

I can’t get everything interesting about my novel in less than 150-words, but the bottom one gets many elements and totals to 112-words. I have room for two more sentences, but I’ll need to think about what I wish to add or change. I may need to get rid of the word truly, but it the word highlights an interesting piece of trivia.

The Gay Faction

My novel features factions and one faction derives from the notable lesbians of Les Ruches. Personally, I don’t care what other sexual activities others do, but the narcissism displayed by many in the LBGT community does grate, on my nerves. I’m sorry, but life and death issues are more important and gay issues don’t rate as high priority to me.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossii visited Obama to talk about gay issues a day after the Tsunami hit Japan and nuclear reactors were damaged. Japan should have been priority and talking to celebrities about gay issues should have taken place at a less pressing period of time.

Chelsea Manning (Bradley Manning) appears to think the world should revolve around the LBGT community, but for most people—it doesn’t. I would normally vote for Democrats for environmental reasons, but the extremism that has taken hold has pushed people like me away. I tend to vote other. Blame people like the literary agent at Donald Maas and the lady on the drawbridge who attack me for my gender, my race, and my sexual preference.

I’m not truly white, I’m a mutt and Native American, but by all appearance will be considered White and discriminated against. I don’t believe in discriminating against people but I’m certainly against decimation against me which is what some in the Liberal faction do.

My Twist On Mystery Cult Mythology

Baubo has a role in the Eleusinian Mysteries, not the Samothracean mysteries of the Cabeiri, but I defend my logic in placing her in my novel’s Cabeiri cult because of Hecate’s involvement in the Cabeiri rituals and the theorized position that Baubo is the crone form of Hecate.

The Hecaterides link to both, Hecate and Baubo. Obviously, you can see by the names that Hecate and the Hecaterides have links. The Hecaterides are mothers to the groups associated with the Cabeiri, the  Dactyls and the Curetes are considered the same as the Cabeiri.

The He Hecaterides link to the Dionysian mysteries, as well, because they also mothered the Satyrs. Since the Orphic mysteries are a reformed version of the Dionysian mysteries, so the other mysteries twist into the Orphic mysteries. The Eudemian Theogony also considers the Orphic cult a synthesis of BacchicKouretic cults.

I’m certain that the Cabeiri have links to Egypt’s Ptah; which makes give the cult links to the cult of Serapis (a deity created from Ptah and Osiris).

I consider the Cabeiri a collective of different groups consisting of dancers, acrobats, and clowns. The mystery cults used performers to create wonderment. I see the performers as ancient Carny folk and I consider the  Cabeiri, in my novel, a Carny cult and consider Baubo as on of the performers.

Practicing My Blurbs

Baubo is the goddess of obscene gesture and jest. Hoochie-coochie girls honor Baubo with dance and clowns praise her with mime; she’s the goddess of circus sideshows. Circus freaks made Gibsonton their home and the Hoochie-coochie girls followed. The Cabeiri cult follows Baubo and factions have formed within the cult. Prophecies say a dwarf will rise to rule them all. A genetic memory drug grants the dwarf ancient knowledge, but it also conjures up ghosts from the ancient past.

This blurb has a fantasy theme. My novel features a Feminist cult with carnival ties, so this blurb hints at those elements.

Alice is a dwarf possessed by ghosts conjured by a genetic memory drug and the ghosts play games with her head. Commodus, the gladiator/Emperor, gives Alice a taste for blood. Pope Benedict IX serves up the perversity. Queen Catherine and Margot Medici, offer Machiavellian wit and a Mother-Daughter split. Tycho Brahe comes in for laughs. Efa Nia. the Timucuan dog-woman tries to make peace. This odd assortment helps Alice build a business empire and rise to rule the Cabeiri, a Baubo-loving fertility cult.

This second blurb asks for more intelligence from the reader. I prefer this one, but I may use the first on for one specific agent.

Adjusting Queries to the Literary Agency

Most agencies don’t ask for a synopsis, but others value the synopsis. When you write with humor the process becomes trickier because some agents want the humor to show in the query and others want a dry business letter.

I’ve been hoping my depression will lift so I can write a better query for my priority agents. Two agents seem to favor my style of novel and I’ll probably try to show humor in their query letters. One other agency admits that interns filter the queries, but I’ll go standard form for them because they handle a book similar to mine.

Most writers seem to send out many queries, but I research to find the best fit. I sent to the longshot agencies and I hope my queries have improved as I the practice by adapted to each process. Each early query is just practice for the most important queries.

Pornstar Feminsts

The Naked Feminist

One group of Feminists scream sexual objectification and another group of Feminists embrace their sex object label; hence, the satire in my novel. I also wrote posts to satire Ariana Grande’s use of the “sex object” term because that term belongs to anti-sex 2nd wave Feminists and Ariana’s generation has moved to a pro-sex 3rd wave.

The Naked Feminist is a documentary by Louisa Achille and includes interviews with many famous porn stars who identify as a Feminist. The list includes: