Newton’s Third Law of Motion applies to factions, too. This rule explains why Trump won. White racism didn’t move White’s away from the Democrats; it was the use of factions by Democrats to garner power and many Democratic factions had no love for Hilary. Blacks are generally less interested in gay rights than the average White person, but Democrats try to wedge votes from both groups. Hispanics are generally Catholic, so they have to go against their religion to support gays.

Blacks don’t want prejudice to affect their opportunities; guess what, Whites have the same reaction when prejudice is applied against them. My novel is about factions, so I think a lot about this issue. Guess what—Black men have similar views on Feminism as White men. Did Black men rally for Hillary, like they did for Obama? No.

Personally, the political issues that I find most important are the economy and diplomatic relations. I’ve gotten along with the Russians I’ve met and enjoy their literature, so I favor closer relations. Islam is tricky due to extremism, so getting on the same page, as the Russians, makes sense to me.


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