Democrats use unrelated factions, with different beliefs, to gain power. Black men are less likely to endorse Feminism and gay rights than White men, but Black men often stick to Democrats even though they don’ agree with issues of other factions within the party.

I’m very much in the middle on many issues, but extremism within the Democratic party has pushed me away from their politics. Racism sucks, but it sucks more when you are the target and White men have become targets. My ancestry is mixed, but most consider me a White guy. Social anxiety affects my relations with everyone and it doesn’t differentiate on ethnic grounds.

The story about the mentally disabled White guy being tortured by Blacks—relates to me. An incident at Wal-Mart, where I was harassed for being White didn’t cause physical damage, but it makes me hate White elitists who don’t allow for middle ground.

My novel is about factions, so I’m still on topic. Finishing the novel has sent me into a deep depression because I can no longer hide my head in creative endeavor and have to thing about business matters.


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