Am I slut shaming Hedy Lamarr for riding the submarine, above? No, the picture correlates to her invention of frequency hopping to keep torpedoes from being frequency jammed. Frequency hopping is the basis for spread spectrum technology. A footnote that I created for my book may seem like slut shaming to sensitive feminists, but I’m just summarizing her work as a sexy actress with her invention, just like I did with the picture.

Did Hedy’s looks lead to the invention? Yes, she wouldn’t have married the rich, military arms merchant if not for her looks and she wouldn’t have brought her thoughts on torpedo technology to George Antheil, who helped her invent the frequency hopping concept.

The cult in my novel uses sex for a cause and Hedy’s simulated orgasm in Ecstasy made her famous, so the sex she used to further her career led to a higher cause. In many ways, all women who use sex to serve a cause— serve the same goddess as my fictional cult. Lamarr fits my novel, in another way, she lived many years in Florida and died here.

I’m sure a feminist intern at a literary agency will censor me and eventually I may end up self-publishing, but I’ll take a few more shots with agents because the traditional route to publishing should add improvements to my book.


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