The biggest problem with the Reedsy service is that it’s not finished, but you can still design a complete book with a few workarounds. I used tiny images for my scene breaks and converted a sample to epub. The site says it converts to mobi, too, but I didn’t try. Reedsy is a lot easier to use than Sigil, for typesetting purposes. Sigil can do more, but you have to hassle with code.

I’ve made sample eBooks with Sigil, Calibre, and Reedsy; the latter interests me the most. Reedsy’s method for connecting editors and illustrators to an author is another great idea. My vote of confidence leans toward Reeds, but the editing features need upgrade. Lacks an undue function.

An agent is probably the best way to go, but traditional publishing doesn’t seem to have adapted well to the new environment. I have a marketing strategy, but I don’t have the clout for the strategy to work. Contacts in the Carny or the sex industry would be highly beneficial.


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