Baubo is the goddess of obscene gesture and jest. Hoochie-coochie girls honor Baubo with dance and clowns praise her with mime; she’s the goddess of circus sideshows. Circus freaks made Gibsonton their home and the Hoochie-coochie girls followed. The Cabeiri cult follows Baubo and factions have formed within the cult. Prophecies say a dwarf will rise to rule them all. A genetic memory drug grants the dwarf ancient knowledge, but it also conjures up ghosts from the ancient past.

This blurb has a fantasy theme. My novel features a Feminist cult with carnival ties, so this blurb hints at those elements.

Alice is a dwarf possessed by ghosts conjured by a genetic memory drug and the ghosts play games with her head. Commodus, the gladiator/Emperor, gives Alice a taste for blood. Pope Benedict IX serves up the perversity. Queen Catherine and Margot Medici, offer Machiavellian wit and a Mother-Daughter split. Tycho Brahe comes in for laughs. Efa Nia. the Timucuan dog-woman tries to make peace. This odd assortment helps Alice build a business empire and rise to rule the Cabeiri, a Baubo-loving fertility cult.

This second blurb asks for more intelligence from the reader. I prefer this one, but I may use the first on for one specific agent.


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