Baubo has a role in the Eleusinian Mysteries, not the Samothracean mysteries of the Cabeiri, but I defend my logic in placing her in my novel’s Cabeiri cult because of Hecate’s involvement in the Cabeiri rituals and the theorized position that Baubo is the crone form of Hecate.

The Hecaterides link to both, Hecate and Baubo. Obviously, you can see by the names that Hecate and the Hecaterides have links. The Hecaterides are mothers to the groups associated with the Cabeiri, the  Dactyls and the Curetes are considered the same as the Cabeiri.

The He Hecaterides link to the Dionysian mysteries, as well, because they also mothered the Satyrs. Since the Orphic mysteries are a reformed version of the Dionysian mysteries, so the other mysteries twist into the Orphic mysteries. The Eudemian Theogony also considers the Orphic cult a synthesis of BacchicKouretic cults.

I’m certain that the Cabeiri have links to Egypt’s Ptah; which makes give the cult links to the cult of Serapis (a deity created from Ptah and Osiris).

I consider the Cabeiri a collective of different groups consisting of dancers, acrobats, and clowns. The mystery cults used performers to create wonderment. I see the performers as ancient Carny folk and I consider the  Cabeiri, in my novel, a Carny cult and consider Baubo as on of the performers.

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