My novel features factions and one faction derives from the notable lesbians of Les Ruches. Personally, I don’t care what other sexual activities others do, but the narcissism displayed by many in the LBGT community does grate, on my nerves. I’m sorry, but life and death issues are more important and gay issues don’t rate as high priority to me.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossii visited Obama to talk about gay issues a day after the Tsunami hit Japan and nuclear reactors were damaged. Japan should have been priority and talking to celebrities about gay issues should have taken place at a less pressing period of time.

Chelsea Manning (Bradley Manning) appears to think the world should revolve around the LBGT community, but for most people—it doesn’t. I would normally vote for Democrats for environmental reasons, but the extremism that has taken hold has pushed people like me away. I tend to vote other. Blame people like the literary agent at Donald Maas and the lady on the drawbridge who attack me for my gender, my race, and my sexual preference.

I’m not truly white, I’m a mutt and Native American, but by all appearance will be considered White and discriminated against. I don’t believe in discriminating against people but I’m certainly against decimation against me which is what some in the Liberal faction do.


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