Most literary agencies show a bunch of white faces on their agent list. Amy Boggs of the Donald Maas Literary Agency complains about White privilege, but she’s a White woman in an agency filled with white faces. How hypocritical can you be?

I can handle rejection by a literary agency, but researching these guys has become annoying.  I see a bunch of White elitist hypocritical liberals screaming about Trump and not about what authors care about– books. I hate both political parties, but the Liberals made it so I didn’t care who won, even though I normally vote for the most environmental friendly candidate. I have

I have Latin and Native American origins, but I’ve never checked those boxes for a job and I obviously don’t have any White privilege. Death to the bigots of the  Donald Maas Literary Agency because they didn’t respond to my email about Boggs’ offensive remarks. Any novelist attached to them needs to hope they don’t run into to me because they should be attached such a bunch of White Elitist bigots. Feel fee to blackball me. I would prefer to work with someone who wants to make my novels the best they can be, but I do not work with bigots. No, I was not rejected by that agency.

Take away Boggs White privilege; fire her and hire a Black woman.


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