*This is a post written while raging [[ something doctors caused me to do. The agent no longer works for the agency, so I no longer have issues the said agency.

Rich White elitists will pay Boko Harum rapists to settle on Native American land and a White Injun like me gets insulted and sh-t on. It didn’t matter how hard I worked the liberals would shuffle off the jobs to another country or give tokenship to people who chose to come here. Only someone related to me is as native to Florida as me and my country has sh-t on my patriotic White Injun ass.

Obama’s mother was a lousy White elitist, even Obama recognized the symptoms, and his father got American taxpayer money to go to Harvard when most taxpayers can’t afford Harvard. Obama’s father came from Africa voluntarily, he doesn’t have slave roots and only Black’s with slave ancestry should get token anything. I supplied security for the Joint Chief of Staff and I got crappy health care then and my present  VA care is criminal. I don’t play favorites’ so Trump’s pick to head the VA doesn’t impress me. I’ll duel any military officer who isn’t freaking on those crooked ass doctors asses.

Speaking of asses any author affiliated with Donald Maass Literary Agency better watch their asses or bending over to a couple of badass boyfriend bodyguards because this White-ass Injun is mad because your White elitist agent, Amy Bogs, is an offensive loudmouth. Shaun of the Dead of West Pam Beach if you’re still on Injun land—get off. It has nothing to do with you being gay, it’s because your agent hasn’t put out a heartfelt apology for her Elitist ass-ism. Associate with a White Elitists and you get treated like a White Elitist. You may want to find the type of boyfriends I suggested. My tribe never signed a treat, so even Obama’s Secret Service better think twice before they touch me. I’m not scared of anyone but myself, so one more slip by the VA might send me after those of White elitist mentalities, such as Obama and Donald Maass. You should be scared You would need to Minority Report me to stop this Nuke brained Dumb Retard because I’m a badass White-ass Redneck Redskin. Obama should think twice because Al-Queda is made up of a bunch of idiots- I’m scarier.


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