Works great to sample a novel. The image I tried to use as a scene break didn’t work, as I hoped because it appears to lack a transparency feature. Images worked properly on Reedsy. Hyperlinks work within the Google Docs and that’s important. My main reason for preferring an agent is to better handle the footnotes and hyperlinks. Sigil can adjust the document made by Google Docs, but I received warnings about the document. It may take a while to figure out why I got the warnings. I take that back, it took a minute, I hit prettify the code and the warnings disappeared.

I originally called my blog an allusion tracker because I wanted a bank to store my allusions, but I’ve turned it into a writing diary to record what’s going through my head while I write. It will probably go back to being an allusion tracker, but it would be nice to get advice on how to handle this extra set of notes. Should I hyperlink to Wikipedia when if is available there or hyperlink to my blog? Footnotes can also be embedded in the book file, but for reality based info people may prefer Wikipedia or another site.

The second novel in this series is the Finnegan’s Wake of Florida. I’m curious as to whether I broke James Joyce’s record for number of allusions. Pat of the reason I moved away from the allusion tracker idea is that my allusions could tie a head into a knot. This novel that I want to release first is much easier. People recommend you read V before you read other works by Thomas Pynchon and the first of novel in my series should prepare people to handle the second. Answers about the allusions make the hyperlink feature important.


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