A Feminist Stud


Porn star Annabel Chong says she considered herself a stud when she did all those guys, in her record-breaking movie (supposedly the record has been broken).She freely made the choice and apparently has no regrets for the sexual escapade. Is this a Feminist act? I’m sure it depends on the Feminist, you ask.

I often satire Feminism because the movement has very few clear messages. The sexual events in my novel reflect society; I didn’t write the scenes to slut shame or to exploit. If an ancient fertility cult survived I imagine it would take a role in the adult entertainment industry and that’s the reason for the sexual scenes.

Image from Wikipedia with the following credits:

Description Annabel Chong, taken at the 2000 CES show
Date circa 2000
Source http://www.lukeisback.com/
Author Original Photo from http://www.lukeisback.com, used with permission (see here).


The Tedium of Editing your Own Novel

You need to focus when you self-edit, but rereading material makes you want to skim over parts. A developmental edit followed by a line edit is my normal routine. An automatic proofreader helps reduce the reading during the line edit, but the developmental edit needs multiple rereads. A professional editor would have been great, but I’ll handle it myself.

I rushed out query letters and didn’t take a true break before editing because I figured I would gamble with the slim chance of getting an agent, before committing to self-publishing. This could have been self-sabotage, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted an agent.

My punctuation gimmick, for dialogue, demanded a decision and the indecision between publishing pathways caused problems. Yeah, I could have sent better samples to agents but I started feeling the press of time. My six-week bout of depression didn’t help, either.

I finished my first edit after the break and I installed my dialogue-tag gimmick; which, helped with editing. My previous lack of commitment to my punctuation gimmick threw some dialogue out of whack, but the gimmick helped fix the screw-ups. Now, I’m doing a line edit.

After I create an eBook, I’ll listen and follow along as the ‘text to speech’ feature reads aloud my novel. That should be my last edit, before publishing.

False Gods


False gods are the reason I call myself Agnostic and the story of Doubting Thomas makes me lean toward Christianity while science edges me toward the Gnostic vision of god. Religions have rules about worshiping false gods and every culture considers their god true and the others false—that proves Narcissus is god and I’m doomed to go to hell because that’s the one god I have trouble believing in.

I use Neil Gaimam’s American Gods as the image for this post because of his cast of media gods.the media truly makes their own set of gods. One of my characters has a pop culture obsession so you can say she worships this new cast of American Gods. Do I wish she will become the next popular culture juggernaut, the chariot of the gods that bulldozes through the manic masses? Yes and no, but generally I’m too dispirited to care.

The Great-Grandson of a Drunken Half-Breed

In this era of hate the White man, I probably should hold more dearly to my Native American roots, but my granddaddy hated his Native American grandmother and was embarrassed his stereotypical drunken half-breed dad.

I consider my various ethnic roots as basically the same. My Spanish roots tie me into the Inquisition and anyone who browsed through my posts will see Catholicism being depicted as a bureaucratic tower and a system designed to keep the system alive with no thought to the cost of souls. My Spanish ancestors seem good but flawed, so I don’t hate my roots. The same can be said about my native American roots.

I don’t see a reason to hate one particular ethnic group, but it doesn’t mean I don’t see flawed and competing philosophies. Catholics opposed polygamy and were obviously right in doing so because polygamy is a favored policy of dictators. Pagans had many horrific practices, so the noble savage only saw noble as a part-time job, just like everyone else.

The White privilege phrase used by White Liberal elitists is an insult to al ethnicities because not every Whyte person comes from privilege and not every White person is just White. The term also demeans other ethnicities by not recognizing their social status; not every person of other ethnicities is underprivileged.

In this era there is a lot of hate pointed at the White man, but I can’t do anything about my great-grandmother’s marriage to a White man, but the favored brand has obviously changed. I could cut off my penis, but I rather keep my man-making tool; even though, militant Feminist prefer castration. My granddad considered my grandmother a full-breed; she’s probably half, but I’ve got Native American ethnicity from other sources.

Before You Plow The Fields, You Must Plow The Woman

Sage advice from the Farmer’s Almanac? No, but earlier sages may have advised such a thing. I write about a fertility cult and the thought about timing a baby around the planting season came to mind. My granddad was a farmer and he had many kids and in a farming family—everyone works. More kids more workers. A woman can shell peas, in the latter months of a pregnancy, but what about other stages of the farming cycle.

The rites of the Greco-Roman Mysteries involved fertility and may of these female only affairs may have expounded upon women going home and getting laid— a preaching of proper planting etiquette. When should you plow?

Google Docs needs a master document tray

After the death of my last hard drive, I turned to Google Docs as my primary writing app, but drawbacks occur whether you save in chapters or save as a complete novel. A master document tray would solve my primary gripe. Sigil can easily separate one HTML document into many, and it basically uses a master document tray.

Sigil is open source, Google should be willing to work with Sigil to add features. In Sigil, HTML documents are lined up in the side panel and you can easily divide HTML docs. Sigil uses Header functions to control what goes into your Table of Contents; which, I find better than the Google Docs feature of outlining.

A Google Docs and Sigil combo, along with the better grammar checking would place pressure on Microsoft. The simplicity of Googe Docs is great, but it can’t match the power of Microsoft Word. I’ve got old versions of Word, but I get by with open source stuff, now. Many sites recommend LibreOffice, but Apache OpenOffice has worked better for me and for some stuff I need these open source apps because Goggle Docs lags in a few areas.

The Geeky Libertine

My main character is a tech geek and values instilled by a fertility cult has made her Libertine. Her journal reflects these attributes with its title:

dWARf’s log     Whoredate XX-XXX

The world’s oldest religion gives honor to the what we often call the world’s oldest profession—in fertility cults, whores are sacred.

The journal name appears at the beginning of my novel. I hear cries of misogyny as soon as I typed the word, whore, but the title of the journal reflects the very essence of the main character and the cult— she’s a tech geek, in a cult of sacred whores. I had slim hopes for an agent in this era of feminist battle cries and the whole process of researching literary agents left me depressed. I considered dropping the journal’s name, but I find it truthful to my main character’s character.

I also want the negative connotation of the word ‘whore’ to seep into my main character’s opinion of her mother’s lesbian lover. Homosexuality is anti-fertility even though fertility cults often feature castration and transsexuality—this provides conflict. The third novel, in this series, should resolve this conflict. Vane, the fore mentioned lesbian lover appears in the first journal entry and it is obvious that my main character dislikes her.

My pen name, M Brace DeFreak, has a mixed meaning. Deviation from the norms is natural, but there is a reason for the norm. A freak is a deviation from the norm and they will always exist, so everyone must accept this fact. The freak also has to come to some form of acceptance about the norm. Balance can be a difficult thing when order nor chaos represent the common good. So embrace the freak, but don’t embrace the freak to hard.