Lots of authors get rejected and you see a lack of diversity in agents. My guess is 75% are women and possibly 50% Jewish. I saw a couple of people from India, a few other of Asian decent. Blacks may have their own agencies, but I didn’t run across any Black agents. Hard to say about Native Americans because many of us are mixed blood. A lot of clamor for LGBT stuff, so I doubt that segment is underrepresented.

I had reason to use a fertility cult and Baubo, but I suspect the sexual content reduced my chances with many agencies. Most ancient cults had fertility roots and sex is part of the game. If I wrote the novel twenty or thirty years ago I would have had a better chance. It’s a waiting game, now. I skipped the British agencies, but I may reconsider if I notice many Americans on their client list. One female agent that seem a possibility was temporarily unavailable so I may check back.