Trump kept the LGBT protection laws, while Muslims don’t generally favor gays and are definitely way more conservative than the average Christian. Some Protestant churches allow for gay leaders, but gays attack Christian groups instead of researching to see what I say is absolutely true.

I just want gays to stop hounding me to consider gay issues my first priority—they are not and never will be. Do what you want, but don’t hound me with your narcissism? White Liberal Elitists attack me for something I couldn’t change if I want to and if I get attacked—I want to attack back.

I’m not attacking  Muslims, but I have my doubts they will merge successfully in such a socially liberal country Neither am I attacking gays; I do find it insane they don’t realize why the Muslim shooter appeared at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. It’s because Muslims have issues with gays. The LGBT group, Femen, has me perplexed because they’ve often attacked the Muslim and Catholic religions over patriarchal and anti-gay stance, but oppose Trump’s travel sanctions. They’ve long had travel advisories about unfriendly countries– if they have travel advisories about “going to”; shouldn’t there be precautions about “coming from”.

I named this post “the Gay Death Wish” partly because I write about a fertility cult and homosexuality is anti-fertility even though castrated and transgender people often find a role in ancient fertility rites. I find some humor in the insanity of it all. Anti-fertility is death to a society– only modern medicine keeps gay from being a societal death wish.


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