Tricksters more often come in the form of men or animal (i.e. rabbits). In my last post, I posed my, “Baubo with rabbit ears”, as a Playboy bunny but that was somewhat of a trick because I consider her a trickster rabbit type of deity. She’s the rabbit who pulls a magician out of her ass—Baubo pulled Iacchus, the light bringer, out from under her skirt.

My fictional cult began as a Trickster, but it became obvious that I better switch to a fertility cult. The mind map that I made for the original (but second novel in the series) doesn’t show Baubo because I wrote from a male victim’s perspective. The first novel, in the series; which, I consider a prequel, comes from a predatory female perspective and Baubo came to mind as the trickster identity of my main character.

I consider my cult mismanaged, not evil; I can say the same about Catholicism and feminism.