Bubo is a species of owl, but if you look up the etymology of bubo, you see it associates with the groin, as does Baubo. Owls and Baubo have murky connections to Hecate. Baubo is associate with the act of mooning (as in lifting up skirt of dropping your pants to show your backside) and owl associate with the moon, too.

I pondered the headdress of Baubo and none of the editorials I’ve seen resemble the horned ears of a Bubo, but it may be a fitting headdress.

Image from Wikimedia with the following credits:

Description: Bubo virginianus Wildlife Park Homossassa Springs State Park Homossassa Springs, Florida

Date 20 January 2008, 01:49

Source Great Horned Owl Uploaded by berichard

Author Riverbanks Outdoor Store from New Port Richey, FL, United States