Liberals welcome the foreigner and attack a guy who can legitimately call a Seminole a foreigner. I wrote my post, Rage, after a woman from a Muslim endorsed a Hispanic’s stereotype of me; the blindside attack happened in the comment section of a post of the woman saying how un-discriminatory she is.

The Lady on the on the stinking Drawbridge also thought it OK to attack me for where I was born. The Liberal literary agent of the Donald Literacy Agency also see’s it as fine to attack me for my skin color, gender, and sexual orientation. I’ve been harassed; while minding my own business, walking into a Walmart to get groceries by someone of plausible Hispanic origin, but I descend from the oldest Latino family of the US (excluding the territory of Puerto Rico).

Lady Gaga sang This Land Is Your Land at the Superbowl, but it is appears to be OK to attack and alienate one of the people most native to this land and celebrate the invasive haters.

Obama thought it OK to elevate a Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court who thought was OK to give ethnic advantages to the more foreign-born people and take away job opportunities to the most native. If this Native American White guy goes on the warpath, I want people to know why. The VA Administration would serve me better by giving me a monkey doctor because that’s the level of healthcare I’ve seen.


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