The visual presentation and reading experience of a novel can be hurt by the use of hyperlinks or even footnotes, so I may publish a relatively unenhanced edition of my novel and just add a link to my site for further material. I can add an enhanced edition, later.

Steve Jobs could have bought a bunch of readers and eBooks to sample ideas and create a better system for enhancing eBooks, I’m not that rich nor do I have the resources to build new eReader architecture, but I have a few ideas on the subject.

I may add a couple of scenes, for further expansion on concepts; for instance, add a scene to better describe how my pagan cult shifts into Gnosticism and hides from the Inquisition. My format allows for multiple “stories within the story‘ and adding another isn’t a problem. People would still need outside sources to examine the plausibility of my idea, but adding the scene would further explain the concept.

Adding scenes to broaden my concepts would replace the need for a few hyperlinks and footnotes.  I hesitated to add scenes because they add more sex, but they reduce the reliance on additional resources. After I edit the scenes, I’ve written, I’ll gauge their merit and consider adding to the novel. Both scenes use interaction between characters. but scenes explaining concepts can bog down the story and be as hurtful as the hyperlink method.

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