I’ve got speaking issues, so I’ve always felt simpatico with Marvel’s Black Bolt.  Black Bolt can’t speak because things blow up when he does. No one paid attention when I sent a simple email about the White elitist literary agent, so I did what I never want to do—I raised my voice.

Speaking has always been an act of futility for me and that’s the reason most of my time shipboard, in the Navy, I was known as Rocky. When I’m ticked off, I truly want to fight. Rocky don’t talk much either. I have anxiety issues and anxiety doesn’t necessarily cause a flight response; sometimes it’s a FIGHT response.

The Donald Maas Literary Agency finally did what they should have did when I wrote my first email, but I had to explode for them to do what was right. Exploding isn’t very fun, even though when I’m raging—I fear nothing and nothing much matters to me other than destruction. The adrenaline rush feels great, but it eventually wears off and holding myself back isn’t all that easy.