Some agents seemed to want writers to make their main character something other than White, but I see that as generally insulting to every ethnicity. Other ethnicities are perfectly capable of creating their own characters. Do Black people want White writers to put a lot of Whiteness into Black characters? Actually, I did that but that’s because the character is supposed to be a skinny, no-booty Black girl who probably caters to White taste rather than her own stereotypically booty loving culture. Giving her the personality of a prissy White girl was supposed to disassociate her from Black culture. I parody stereotypes, but it also forces me to use stereotypes—the political correctness of this culture will probably drive everyone insane.

If there is a reason to make a person of a certain race, a writer should follow that reason, but there is some discomfort in writing from the perspective of another ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. My main character, in my most recent novel, is a female dwarf, but I have reason to give her male traits. I’m not sure if any of my characters follow the typical rules of stereotype. Many come close to following the rules of Third-wave Feminism, but I stay close to reality and history—women can be asses to each other. Straight men do not rule the fashion industry and the fashion industry has done much more body shaming than the totality of straight men would ever do. Ask Bridget Powers, guys can be perfectly happy with her little ass. I suspect she’ll say – darn-tootin’, if she’s as brazen as her interviews imply. Don’t anyone take my words for anything, but respect for her.

Writers need to use a diverse set of characters, but agents should be careful on discrimination issues. Stephen King broke out when he wrote from the perspective of a White girl, Carrie, but I think you would need to ask him if he could have written that book at an earlier age. He developed tools before he attempted that novel. My first novel was about a hapless White dude—just like me due to the fact I’ve got to protect the world from the rage that has built up inside me. I couldn’t have written this recent book without learning from my other novel. Literary agencies need to cut the White elitism. Many Whites don’t feel very privileged and just ally fair treatment. Some of us Whites are not completely White. I descend from the first documented  Mestizo, and I’ve been harassed by recent immigrants– think on that.


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