The different perspective interested me and I didn’t choose my main character for exploitation reasons, I chose her for historical reasons and for purpose of perspective, she’s notably different—but the same. People are people, even if you’re a dwarf. A dwarf can have giant and heroic ancestors or they can be begotten from giant asses. I chose many, historically notable, ancestors. for my dwarfish anti-hero. That’s what makes her complex.

Alice, aka Al, comes from an obviously libertine background because her mother belonged to a fertility cult. I’m indebted to Bridget Powers (Bridget the Midget) because I try imagining the world through her eyes. She had to know she would never be of standard beauty—no long legs for her, but I suspect she learned she could operate a penis, pretty well. I’m curious as to whether lesbian dwarfs exist because a woman typically can’t how much they sexually want a person, women can fake it, but I’m sure Bridget knew when a penis found her sexually alluring and that has to be a confidence booster. A penis tends to have a very honest reaction.

Making her a sixteen-year-old girl, living in such a Libertine structure, was the toughest thing to do. Reading about Djuna Barnes creeped me out—that grandma thing was mind-boggling. Joaquin Phoenix and his siblings grew op in a cult, but I haven’t read any of their memoirs but I suspect they have a few doozies. Commodus is an ancestor of my dwarf, and coincidentally Joaquin played Commodus in the movie, Gladiator. My interest in the Phoenix family has to do with their Florida connection, but Kismet appeared to line things up for me.


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