I’m always somewhat of an outsider because I won’t sell my soul to the company store—I don’t care for the faction game. Some Blacks have jumped to the conclusion that I’m a racist, but I’ve  also got an apology from one who jumped. I once believed most people were at the core good, but I no longer do, skin color doesn’t play much of a role in my judgement of people. Black people are just as bad as Whites. I call Obama ‘Bush for brains’ because I didn’t care for Junior or that son of a White elitist.

I sent out very few query letters because the word ‘disingenuouskept coming to mind. One letter was half-chucked because he was once considered a primary target then I saw a note of White elitism the email was sent, but it went out with a hostile word of warning.

What made me blow a gasket is that I can accept gays as part of our society, but I don’t stand for them being just a faction—cut the narcissism. Gay issues are not my priority, and I kind of hated that a gay agent seemed to hate White guys if they weren’t gay. I expect an apology by the gay members of society for the intolerance for someone who is tolerant/ Get off my native land, you are not willing to fork over that apology because you depend on the awful doctors of the Veterans Administration to keep me from getting more full of rage and those same doctors art the reason why I rage, so much.

Liberals just seem loyal to they’re faction, they make disingenuous statements to other factions of the Democratic party, but in reality, they only care about their specific faction. I hate both political parties for different reasons. I once favored the Democrats but the disingenuous nature of that party has pushed me away. If I vote for President I will probably only vote for an Independent candidate and most times they have no hope of winning.

The “sell my soul to the company store” comment refers to Tennessee the song, Sixteen Tons.” no faction gets blind loyalty from me, but some gays are apparently blind to other peoples rights.


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