The Feminist attack may have been about race, but a Black stripper snapped at me for a reason unknown to me. She apparently thought I disrespected her. As I’ve said before, I’m a dumb retard– meaning I had a significant delay in social growth because I didn’t say a word until I was almost four. This social dysfunction and the fact that I was in the Navy made a strip club an easier place to interact with women. No one would accuse me of being a pickup artist who is out to use and abuse women. A strip club just seemed a fair exchange because I’m relatively certain the women mad a business decision to work at such place.

After the stripper snapped at me, I snapped back and said I’m just here because I was alone and horny, and as far as I know she made more money than me and was more content with her job. I’ve spent time cleaning sulfur tanks making less what a McDonald’s worker makes these days and a sulfur tank truly simulates the experience of hell; sulfur is brimstone and it is unbelievably hot inside of one of those tanks. My eyes burned for hours and the odd remedy is soaking your eyes with milk. What irritated the stripper, I don’t know, but I know what irritated me.

Her attitude changed after I snapped back with the truth, we seemed to get along fine and she may have been hinting that she really wanted me to ask her for a date. Strippers do fake stuff all the time, but this was different, but I’m somewhat socially clueless and never saw myself as anyone someone dreamed about, but supposedly one girl apparently did. I know, now, that I looked like Paul McCartney, but back then I thought I at best looked average looking. The way girls screamed for McCartney makes me wonder if girls really did find me dreamy. Who knew? Not me. Once the stripper realized that I had no disrespect for her, did she really find me attractive? Oddly possible.

I’m not in love with the CBS TV series, Scorpion, but I can identify with the lead actor’s role. Sometimes I speak facts when people suspect something else. The show is too formulaic and probably should add a chaotic character.

I’m having trouble concentrating on what I need to accomplish, self-publishing my books should be the goal, but my mind’s already fishing for ideas about the third book.


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