Doe JK Rowling realize Liberal Literary agents attack what she did? The Harry Potter author is obviously Liberal, so place her on suicide watch because Liberals hate and attack White Jesus. If any of her children are underage, they should be placed into protective custody and any grandchildren should be kept far away from her.

The author was apparently financially stressed before her breakout, but imagine what would have happened if her literary agent tossed her query letter because she created a White Jesus.

I don’t watch Piers Morgan, but Google news says he’s in a Twitter fight with White Liberals such as Bill Maher and apparently JK Rowling stepped in. Maher’s the very essence of a rich White Liberal hypocrite and should have his head cut off and flushed down a toilet, I’m sorry but such a statement can only depict my rage and I can only try to hold myself back fro doing such a thing to such an awful hypocrite.

I’m more native than the Native American tribes of Florida and because the Seminoles helped wipe out my ancestor’s Spanish allied tribe, my ancestor married a White man. It’s somewhat absurd when I look at the reality of the situation— the Seminoles steal-claim my ancestor’ bones. Rich White Liberals attack me because I’m not from a privileged situation and I’m generally considered White but I descend from the most native people. Death to rich White Liberal Elitists—off with Bill Maher’s head. I don’t favor Trump, but I didn’t see Obama or Hillary as savior figures either.


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