My main character is a tech geek and values instilled by a fertility cult has made her Libertine. Her journal reflects these attributes with its title:

dWARf’s log     Whoredate XX-XXX

The world’s oldest religion gives honor to the what we often call the world’s oldest profession—in fertility cults, whores are sacred.

The journal name appears at the beginning of my novel. I hear cries of misogyny as soon as I typed the word, whore, but the title of the journal reflects the very essence of the main character and the cult— she’s a tech geek, in a cult of sacred whores. I had slim hopes for an agent in this era of feminist battle cries and the whole process of researching literary agents left me depressed. I considered dropping the journal’s name, but I find it truthful to my main character’s character.

I also want the negative connotation of the word ‘whore’ to seep into my main character’s opinion of her mother’s lesbian lover. Homosexuality is anti-fertility even though fertility cults often feature castration and transsexuality—this provides conflict. The third novel, in this series, should resolve this conflict. Vane, the fore mentioned lesbian lover appears in the first journal entry and it is obvious that my main character dislikes her.

My pen name, M Brace DeFreak, has a mixed meaning. Deviation from the norms is natural, but there is a reason for the norm. A freak is a deviation from the norm and they will always exist, so everyone must accept this fact. The freak also has to come to some form of acceptance about the norm. Balance can be a difficult thing when order nor chaos represent the common good. So embrace the freak, but don’t embrace the freak to hard.


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