In this era of hate the White man, I probably should hold more dearly to my Native American roots, but my granddaddy hated his Native American grandmother and was embarrassed his stereotypical drunken half-breed dad.

I consider my various ethnic roots as basically the same. My Spanish roots tie me into the Inquisition and anyone who browsed through my posts will see Catholicism being depicted as a bureaucratic tower and a system designed to keep the system alive with no thought to the cost of souls. My Spanish ancestors seem good but flawed, so I don’t hate my roots. The same can be said about my native American roots.

I don’t see a reason to hate one particular ethnic group, but it doesn’t mean I don’t see flawed and competing philosophies. Catholics opposed polygamy and were obviously right in doing so because polygamy is a favored policy of dictators. Pagans had many horrific practices, so the noble savage only saw noble as a part-time job, just like everyone else.

The White privilege phrase used by White Liberal elitists is an insult to al ethnicities because not every Whyte person comes from privilege and not every White person is just White. The term also demeans other ethnicities by not recognizing their social status; not every person of other ethnicities is underprivileged.

In this era there is a lot of hate pointed at the White man, but I can’t do anything about my great-grandmother’s marriage to a White man, but the favored brand has obviously changed. I could cut off my penis, but I rather keep my man-making tool; even though, militant Feminist prefer castration. My granddad considered my grandmother a full-breed; she’s probably half, but I’ve got Native American ethnicity from other sources.


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