You need to focus when you self-edit, but rereading material makes you want to skim over parts. A developmental edit followed by a line edit is my normal routine. An automatic proofreader helps reduce the reading during the line edit, but the developmental edit needs multiple rereads. A professional editor would have been great, but I’ll handle it myself.

I rushed out query letters and didn’t take a true break before editing because I figured I would gamble with the slim chance of getting an agent, before committing to self-publishing. This could have been self-sabotage, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted an agent.

My punctuation gimmick, for dialogue, demanded a decision and the indecision between publishing pathways caused problems. Yeah, I could have sent better samples to agents but I started feeling the press of time. My six-week bout of depression didn’t help, either.

I finished my first edit after the break and I installed my dialogue-tag gimmick; which, helped with editing. My previous lack of commitment to my punctuation gimmick threw some dialogue out of whack, but the gimmick helped fix the screw-ups. Now, I’m doing a line edit.

After I create an eBook, I’ll listen and follow along as the ‘text to speech’ feature reads aloud my novel. That should be my last edit, before publishing.


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