Beyoncé’s Beyhive is apparently attacking Emma Watson’s hive at this very moment. I’m not sure which side the lesbians of Les Ruches will take., but I imagine they will launch an attack on both. Back in 2015, Emma Watson made comments about the anti-Feminist voyeuristic nature of Beyoncé’s music video’s and now Watson is charged with hypocrisy for showing off her hoo-haws in a Vanity Fair photo shoot.

My novel satires the divisive nature of Feminism, so this war between celebrity Feminist hives—falls in line with a theme in my novel. Honey is the name of a character, in my novel, and the beehive is a symbol of the lesbians of Les Ruches.

Watson recruits men to support Feminism and men will usually support women showing off the hooter-eyes of Hooters. One of oldest jokes, in the world, apples here, “Women Bee Crazy.”

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