Miley Cyrus has a sense a humor and is one of the few celebrities that might unabashedly admit she uses sex toys, so I’ll propose the following SNL script because the story about tracking use of the We-Vibes needs to trip around the comedy circuit, even though the invasion of privacy issue is disturbing.:

I propose– SNL write a sketch for Miley Cyrus and cast her as a Vibe tracker. Cyrus could mimic Lily Tomlin, who’s most famous skit was as a telephone operator and made famous the lines, “one ringy dingy… two ringy dingy”; they could even cameo Lily Tomlin. Cyrus would use the exclamation of “Wee!” to allude to the We-Vibe. A joke about Cyrus’s vibe usage when apart from her fiancé, with, Liam Hemsworth,  seems an appropriately inappropriate joke.

If you never heard about the sex toy controversy, this one headline by NPR

Vibrator Maker To Pay Millions Over Claims It Secretly Tracked Use

March 14, 20171:52 PM ET


This topic interests me because the main character in my novel heads an adult industry empire and she’s liable to pull a similar stunt in my third book in the series. Cyrus is probably the best choice for SNL, but she doesn’t fall within my region of interest.


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