Zinka is the Mata Hari dwarf character, in Kurt Vonnegut’s novel, Cat’s Cradle, and I borrowed her name; she’s main character’s mother and surprisingly she’s still a Mata Hari dwarf and seduces a guy named Newt. I say surprisingly because I only borrowed the name, the other similarities are a coincidence.

Mothers often pull the strings, in the development of most children, so the string game we call the cat’s cradle is an apt symbol for the mother.

Many of my characters have an easy symbolic match, but I’m having difficulty with some. I would prefer images which hold distinguishable characteristics when reduced to an extremely small size; this one may work, but I haven’t performed a test.

Mata Hari used seduction techniques, in her role as a spy, and I can aptly describe my fictional cult as a Mata Hari cult.


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