3Fingers of Fate

If I keep following this path – my scene breaks will feature the symbol of the characters in the upcoming scene and an introductory note. The three fingers of fate replace the Dis as symbols for the crones, my earlier post cited the Norse deities. The Greek deities of fate, The Moirai, come as a set of three; hence, the three fingers.

I highlight three separate fingers of a Hamsa (a hand symbol) to differentiate the three fates. Each finger includes a symbol; which, were done with a font size of 8. The image is 50 pixels high size and that’s twice as high as I would prefer, but I may stick with this size.

The reasons for this type of scene break include, better clarity for who’s in the upcoming scene and introduce their symbol.  Everyone would be tattooed with their symbol, but there’s meaning to the symbols, as well.

The symbol on ring finger uses a hyphen to symbolize a ring and the blind ancient one. The middle finger is a slash and the character’s name is fittingly – Hatchet. The index finger uses an exclamation point because it has a semblance to a paintbrush and the character is an artist.


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