Word clouds should show what your novel centers around.My series revolves around a drug and a cult, so both novels prominently feature those words. It’s a female cult and I prefer one syllable words; hence; the word girl. Dwarfs play a major role. Multiple cult members have issues with their mothers; thus, you see ‘mom’.

Names make up the rest of the list. Other names would follow not far behind. If I continue my present strategy of introducing characters at the scene break, the names will total higher. Other than this addition and mustering up the focus to survive a top to bottom edit; I’m pretty much done. I’m not surprised that my novel ended up being character driven, but the number of characters surprised me. Monster doesn’t talk a lot, but she ended up with several mentions. The use of mothers developed; while in the process of writing, but it started with three notable mothers then another took shape.


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