Officially, he was a privateer; however, he did unlawfully ransack for the purpose of helping the colony of St. Augustine survive. His ship even helped start a war, but another privateer had ownership at that particular time. The funny thing is I have a Robin Hood type pirate in my ancestry and another who was arrested for freeing a slave; according, to court records, so another ancestor pulled a Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.type of escapade.

There’s a possibility that I descend from a woman convicted of being a witch – I’m definitely a Nutter and but it’s difficult to tell whether you run into a cousin with the same name. Depending on whether I descend from the first of second wife of one guy – who directly influenced all the rights and freedoms in the US. So it’s somewhat funny that I’ve had my constitutional rights trampled on, betrayed by my own country, spit on for being White even though I’m not really just White. Considering how far Florida is from the Bering Strait, my Native American ancestors probably entered North America before other tribes and I’m certainly more native to this land than a Seminole –damn foreigners.


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