My third novel will probably feature redemption. The main character has done some bad things and being a dwarf prompted elements of payback. You can blame the ghosts for some of her actions, but you should notice when size matters.

The time frame will be somewhat difficult to manage and that’s a reason why I used underage characters in the first novel. I still need to puzzle out the rest of the story, but considering how depressed I become when editing – I need to dip my head back into the creation process. Changes to the original novel need to occur; now, that I’ve done the prequel and I may need to set things up for the third novel.

Depression may play role in my character’s mood swings, I can’t make her too good, too fast, because her volatile nature will probably be needed to liven up scenes in the novel. She’ll need to show some regret and depression will follow. Rage may derive from actions, she’s forced to take to response to actions by the antagonist.

“Redemption For A Dwarf” is my working title, but I may go in another direction.


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