Fear The Wrath of the Timucuan

I call forth the ancient spirits of my ancestors to rid Florida of those who hurt their most beloved child. The Seminoles don’t own the ancient spirits – I do. Others kin to me share these spirits, but if they know my heart – the spirits will heed my call.No, I’m not sure about the exact tribe, but I’m sure it;s a tribe more native than the Seminoles; the Timucua orApalachee tribes are the most likely.

If you’re superstitious and you’ve done harm in Florida – you should be worried. If you’re not superstitious you should be calling your State representative about the horrendous medical treatment given by the Veteran’s Administration to an ex-nuke with mass destruction in his head.

I share my ancestral spirits with the main characters of my novel and one of them whips out her own brand of wrath.


How Green Is Liberal Obama’s Yacht?

At one time, I preferred Democrats due to environmental reasons, but now I just see hypocrites. Clinton and Obama hobnob with celebrities who make millions from advertising which comes out of the consumer’s pockets; even very poor consumers. Chicago had three of the most powerful Black people in the world, Obama, Oprah, and Michael Jordan, but a mentally disabled White guy got tortured, in Chicago – the place where Obama earned his Nobel Peace Prize. Kayne West would make a better President because he acknowledged one thing that Obama’s White elitist ass never did; Black people are every bit as racist as Whites.

I’ve been tortured, too. Doctors should be hung from yardarms, not praised or, paid high wages if everyone else gets the level of healthcare that I’ve seen. The problem with Obamacare is it doesn’t improve healthcare. Yeah, I’m in a bad mood, but you would be, too. I’m more native than a Seminole and you have a Liberal army attacking me because I’m generally considered White—I’ve always seen my Native American and my European heritage as equal, but I’m ready to take the Native American war-club, in hand.

Alienating the Ancestral Spirit of the Timucuan

Shouldn’t my ancestral spirit be angry? The Seminoles are just an invading tribe of foreigners who claim my ancestor’s bones. How many invasions have my ancestors seen – Florida history provides a pretty good estimate. If my ancestral spirit cares for me – wouldn’t she want to open up a can of whup-ass on the world?

My ancestor’s tribe was obviously allied with the Spanish; therefore, she’s more native than the Seminoles, but she could have been Apalachee or another tribal member but I give the main character in my novel a Timucuan ancestry. The other novel also has a main character with native root, but I may make him Ais.

Killing The Elitist Diva

My anti-hero needs a true villain to kill. This will act as an act of redemption and allow my anti-hero to ascend to true hero status.

I hanker to pull the skin from White elitists and I’ve grown to see the average doctor as a quack, so I’m thinking about a child actress who formerly played Ducksy Howler ( a child doctor) and eventually becomes a Pop Diva. I have no beef with Neil Patrick Harris, but the parody card lets me take a jab at doctors. This has nothing to do with any child actresses turned Pop star either. Ariana Grande’s, less than mammal, diva-ness inspires a few thoughts, though. All mammal play a mating game, so Grande has upset the fertility gods who star in my novels.

I’ve been debating whether to use one of my previously created characters or create an entirely new character. After I create a new character, I’ll decide whether one of the previously created characters can transition into a similar character.

I classify Obama as a White elitist; he’s a Bill Cosby, so my hatred spewed in my last post and he’s tied into my hatred for the Veteran’s Administration. Doctors made my mental state worse, so I’m not mentally fit to polish the two novels almost ready to publish. Depression makes me error prone and despondent, so I can only do harm. This new character fills a plot hole I created; which, doesn’t which doesn’t get truly get filled until the third novel. I need to add mention of this character somewhere near the end of the first novel. The second novel, in the series, has a different main character and should be off-center, with respect to the other two novels.

The Timucuan Versus The World


In real life, I’m the Timucuan, but I shared my heritage with my dwarf who acts as my novel’s main character. I only know my Native American ancestor had a Spanish name and considering the Seminoles hated the Spanish and their Native American allies – I must be more native than the Seminoles and kin to one of the original tribes. She married White man and I’m straight,s I’m typically what liberals hate You White elitist liberals need to hightail it out of Florida because I’ve got a hankering to skin that skin you hate – right off you.

In my novel, my dwarf will doing the damage, but believe I know how to do damage, but have to keep my rage in check. I can’t even give my dwarf my secret on how to do the damage; she’ll have to use a straightforward method. As, a sailor, in the US Navy I’ve felt a lot of hate in other countries and considering people from all countries are in Florida and I’m getting disrespected on my native soil – I’m angry. Obama and his family are not welcome in Florida, bring extra Secret Service my tribe never signed a treaty and the Veteran’s Administration treats me worse than the Fort Hood shooter, so stay away from Florida. The news media best watch their tongues, too. I’m enraged enough.

The Fire Breathing Dwarf


My dwarf needs to learn how to breathe fire. In the first novel of the series, my main character is a dwarf and the dragon is her symbol. Rather than finishing my editing, I’ve begun thinking about the third novel in the series and suspect my fire-breathing dwarf will put on a show – she’s probably going to burn the house down.

My depression has been overwhelming; since the last catastrophe at the VA. Plotting how to kill people became a hobby; ever since, my stint in the Nuclear Power program. I’ve managed to hold my wrath, but I’ll let my dwarf live out my dream. Even Little People are as dangerous as they want to be if they have an above average intellect. The biggest problem is – I have to hold my biggest secret of mass destruction because it’s bad enough that I know what to do; you don’t want other people to know how easy it is, and I would go the chemical route, not nuclear. My dwarf will probably do her damage, in the simplest way possible.


English: Old sideshow ad for fire-breathing man, taken during period of decline of sideshows, Florida, 1966


Father of JGKlein, used with permission

Father of JGKlein, used with permission

The Scorched Earth Policy of Lincoln versus the Chemical Weapon attack of Syria’s Assad

The Scorched Earth Policy was already deemed a crime against humanity when Lincoln signed off on this horrid tactic. If the North cared, so much for African-Americans, why did the North create the ghetto and Why did Zora Neale Huston scoff at the White Elitists, in the North (Read the Pet Negro). A Slave had more rights in Florida than in the North and New Jersey had more slaves than any other state other than South Carolina, at the outbreak of the Civil War.

One African woman was a prominent slaveholder in the South (From Wikipedia – Anna Madgigine Jai Kingsley was a West African slave from present-day Senegal turned slaveholder and planter in early 19th-century Florida.) Horace King was a well-respected  African-American architect, in the South at the time of the Civil War. My ancestor was a Spaniard married to an African America woman, in a time before the Civil War and my Native American ancestors are more native than the Seminoles. Another possible ancestor played a crucial role in the foundation of the US and the Constitution, but the North for some reason felt justified in using the horrific Scorched Earth policy to starve children of all races in the South.

Personally, I prefer staying out of the Syrian Civil War because we’ll be hated no matter who we side with, but I consider Trump’s airstrike immediately after the chemical weapons attack — a justifiable warning shot directed at a military target. Economic slavery is one reason Syria finds itself in a Civil War and in reality, Lincoln just turned the former slaves into economic slaves and depending on the slaveholder – may have fared better in the South and may have ended up freer than what Lincoln’s war ended up giving them.

Slavery had to end, and good politicians would have ended it without war and resorting to the use of the Scorched Earth policy. I understand the role of economic slavery in causing the Syrian Civil War, but I doubt much good will come from the war, no matter who wins. Lincoln looks better than Assad, but anyone who thinks Lincoln is an unquestionably great President is being foolish, at best he gets an incomplete as a grade because we don’t know if he would have done a better job in mending the mess if he wasn’t assassinated.

I wrote this post in response after a North Carolina lawmaker put this topic in the news. He’s a politician, so I’ll assume he’s too idiotic to back his opinion on the matter. Any idiot who wants to take me on, fact check what you see above before bothering me with your response. Quit making a chemical attack on White Elitists look like a justifiable act – the Veteran’s Administration has persecuted me far too long and you best pray I never play bad god like many of you seem to do because I know how easy it is to do serious damage.



Gibsonton, Florida, became home to freaks and other circus folk and some refer to it as Gibtown, but I refer to it as GebTown because the Egyptian god had a lame leg. Such a leg isn’t particularly freaky for a human, but it’s freaky for a god. Most lame-legged gods fall under the label of Trickster, but Geb doesn’t fit that archetype – his son falls in that category, though.

My fire-breathing dwarf will probably act as the main character, in my next novel, but I need a new guy to victimize. Jedidiah Nutter is the character I plan to create and associate with Geb. The Nutter name comes from my ancestry and seems apt to use considering the name of Geb’s wife – Nutt.

My depression has hobbled my editing efforts, so I’m thinking ahead to the third book, in hopes that a creative spark will energize me. The Nutters are associated with witches so I may make Jedidiah a male parody of the Scarlet Woman – a sacred whore worshiped by witches.

Jedidiah will probably have a friend with ties to the University of Miami because the ibis acts as mascot for the Hurricanes. The is a sacred bird, in Egyptian mythology, and is associated with Thoth. I may make Jedidiah a birdwatching fanatic; thus, making him somewhat geeky to some. Jeb will probably attend USF, the home of the Bulls, and bulls happen to be associated with Geb, along with Geese, Snakes, Barley. If I have him work at a Wawa convenience store, I’ll garner a goose link, barley associates with beer. If he transfers from Florida A&M or Florida Southern – he’ll have a snake link.

Image credit from Wikipedia

Description Caption of picture in book reads: “The God Seb supporting Nut on Heaven”
Date 1904
Source The Gods of the Egyptians Vol. II, colour plate facing page 96
Author E. A. Wallis Budge (1857-1937)

Depression and the writing process

You often find creativity in the damaged goods section, of your artistic market, but depression hinders more often than it helps if it helps at all. Yes, there’s humor in the insanity and horror in the nightmares but the link between creativity and depression — is that no one treasures the rare glitter of a nugget as much as a depressed person. How can you not me a misanthrope when you more often sift sand. Can you stop yourself from your wagon to a mule made of fool’s gold – Trojan mule only harbors the angels of death?

I’m supposed to be editing the “to be’s” out of my writing, but judging whether a “to be” is –to be, becomes more difficult when you’re depressed. Why shouldn’t the author “not to be” and let the “to be’s”, of the text live? This insanity is what spins in your head.

Editing without hope is a hard thing to do. Why bother? It all becomes harder as I approach the end. I expect only a mirage and never the oasis. The blind rage is more welcome than despair..I feel myself hoping someone will piss me off one final time.

Bit Pieces of Narration

Silent_film intertitle

Silent movies used text placed on cards for narration purpose; they call this text an intertitle because it basically acts as a title for a scene. In Talkies, they call an interjection by a narrator – a voice over. I’m in the process of studying these narration techniques, for my own purpose.

When I’m not mired in deep depression, I experiment with how I will handle my scene breaks. I used the “ghost over the shoulder perspective” when writing; it’s a first person perspective without digging deep into the main character’s thoughts and relies more on dialogue; rather than, narration. My scene breaks may share characteristics of the silent film intertitle or a voice over and will offer clarifying pieces of narration.