Imagine Lead being swept off her feet by a trapeze artist; whereupon the sexual hijinks, begin. My main character runs an adult empire with a circus theme. I imagine she would stage a Leda routine.

I found this image of Leda on Wikipedia page for Björk’s Vespertine album – she used real, as in not fake, sex on the video for Pagan Poetry. Fertility is a theme in my mythology based novel, so her pagan tribute fits right in. Leda is a name for one of my character and her daughters play a huge role, but I bastardize their names.

I often describe the cult in my novel as a Carny cult; thus the trapeze fits my circus theme. Björk earned an allusion in my other novel, due to her imaginative hairstyles.

Image credits:

Artist: Tony Robert-Fleury (1837–1911)

Description: Français : Léda

Inscriptions: Signature bottom left: T. Robert-Fleury



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