You often find creativity in the damaged goods section, of your artistic market, but depression hinders more often than it helps if it helps at all. Yes, there’s humor in the insanity and horror in the nightmares but the link between creativity and depression — is that no one treasures the rare glitter of a nugget as much as a depressed person. How can you not me a misanthrope when you more often sift sand. Can you stop yourself from your wagon to a mule made of fool’s gold – Trojan mule only harbors the angels of death?

I’m supposed to be editing the “to be’s” out of my writing, but judging whether a “to be” is –to be, becomes more difficult when you’re depressed. Why shouldn’t the author “not to be” and let the “to be’s”, of the text live? This insanity is what spins in your head.

Editing without hope is a hard thing to do. Why bother? It all becomes harder as I approach the end. I expect only a mirage and never the oasis. The blind rage is more welcome than despair..I feel myself hoping someone will piss me off one final time.


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