Gibsonton, Florida, became home to freaks and other circus folk and some refer to it as Gibtown, but I refer to it as GebTown because the Egyptian god had a lame leg. Such a leg isn’t particularly freaky for a human, but it’s freaky for a god. Most lame-legged gods fall under the label of Trickster, but Geb doesn’t fit that archetype – his son falls in that category, though.

My fire-breathing dwarf will probably act as the main character, in my next novel, but I need a new guy to victimize. Jedidiah Nutter is the character I plan to create and associate with Geb. The Nutter name comes from my ancestry and seems apt to use considering the name of Geb’s wife – Nutt.

My depression has hobbled my editing efforts, so I’m thinking ahead to the third book, in hopes that a creative spark will energize me. The Nutters are associated with witches so I may make Jedidiah a male parody of the Scarlet Woman – a sacred whore worshiped by witches.

Jedidiah will probably have a friend with ties to the University of Miami because the ibis acts as mascot for the Hurricanes. The is a sacred bird, in Egyptian mythology, and is associated with Thoth. I may make Jedidiah a birdwatching fanatic; thus, making him somewhat geeky to some. Jeb will probably attend USF, the home of the Bulls, and bulls happen to be associated with Geb, along with Geese, Snakes, Barley. If I have him work at a Wawa convenience store, I’ll garner a goose link, barley associates with beer. If he transfers from Florida A&M or Florida Southern – he’ll have a snake link.

Image credit from Wikipedia

Description Caption of picture in book reads: “The God Seb supporting Nut on Heaven”
Date 1904
Source The Gods of the Egyptians Vol. II, colour plate facing page 96
Author E. A. Wallis Budge (1857-1937)

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